Momo Larue Collection's


“I became a designer to make the world pretty and vibrant with bold colors and strong looks .”

 “I was actually on the career path to become an Nurse.

“I like clothes and I loved being creative. The stereotype of the starving artist was all I had to go on when thinking of a future for myself—and I did not want to be starving. I visited designers and quickly fell in love with the fact that a creative individual could make a living being creative.

I than quit my medical assist. job and enrolled in "The Philadelphia Art Institute" and instantly felt i belong in such a creative environment.  But that didn't last to long due to  a lack of support structure and knowledge of how the process really worked.

"I dropped out" but i didn't lose focused i invested in a sewing machine and a dress form and from there i created a alter ego.

"Momo Larue" 

“Now, more than 8 years later, I realize that my love for Fashion actually translates into a love for details as a Fashion designer. My future is colorful and vibrant. And I will never be stuck inside a dreary cubicle with an adding machine stuck to my fingertips.